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 Posted: Fri Apr 10th, 2009 06:33 pm
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I guess you’re not familiar with the battle of Chickamauga?  But in a nut shell Rosecrans the commander of the Army of the Cumberland engaged Bragg and the Army of Tennessee early in the morning at a place near Chickamauga Creek.  Rosecrans, after a severe fight thought his Army was defeated and about 1:00PM retreated to Chattanooga with about half his Army.  He left Thomas with about 24,000 members of the Army of the Cumberland to fight Bragg.  Thomas grouped his men around Horseshoe ridge and held off the Rebel Army until about 5:00PM.  He held off the Rebel Army all through the afternoon.  After continuous attacks by the Rebels slackened and stopped, he was ordered by Rosecrans to move to Chattanooga.  Then he proceeded to march to Chattanooga.  Thomas had held the Army of Tennessee and Bragg to a DRAW!  This is where Thomas received the title of “Rock of Chickamauga.”


Saying that Chickamauga is a draw would be like someone saying that Gettsyburg was NOT a defeat for Lee because he left the battlefield on his own volition.

Thomas fought a delaying action which in of itself was successful but the battle and campaign was still a Union loss.

I would still like to have that page from Castel's book cited for us and explain how Thomas's battles are similar to Old Fritz's.

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