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 Posted: Sat Apr 11th, 2009 08:47 pm
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Schultz said:


The only games I've seen played on this thread are by you.  This is simply the last of a string of them, which only hurts your arguments and makes you look like you're WAAAY out there when it comes to Thomas versus everyone else.  The man asked for a page number.  Can you provide it or do you expect him to leaf through the book page by page?  If you can provide it, DO SO.  If you can't, stop mentioning lengthy books as sources for your arguments.  It's as simple as that.

The arguement was about a statement by Logan!

I gave two cites.  One had a page # because I had the book at hand the other was in another room.  I believed the statment was in both books.  If he really wanted both statements then yes, he could look thru the multipaged book.  The other book gave the cite.  Since the subject was Logans opinions of why Grant was getting headlines and Shermans problems.  However he wanted to play a gotchagame game because I assume he knew  that the first book did not have the passage.

I also included a comparison of the Battle of Nashville being compared to some of Frederick the greats that I used on by web site.  He apparently misread it.  The cite said "Some" think the battle of Nashville is comparable . . ..  Now, in that context the statement is inclusive of a number of people thinking something similar.  I remember reading it and included it on my site.  Now he's nit picking statements on my web site and telling me to defend them here?


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