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 Posted: Sun Apr 12th, 2009 06:45 am
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As an enthusiast of history, particularly the American civil war. I often think of the story of "A Connecticut Yankee in King Authors court". That is to say, "what if'.....How would a Family. say Father, wife one son, one daughter from both the 19th and 21st century ":fare" if they had to swap places for a year. or a giving amount of time, and aside from the future  altering applications..."space time continuum'. What would a 19th century "Man" think of today??? The year 2009. Our technologies, are economic, and social endeavors. How about our politics??? both local national, and even global. , Consider "his" the 19th  century man", views of technologies from 21st century America...Start small, consider... Supermarkets... Fresh Meats, Dairy, Fruits and vegetables..Dry goods, How about the controlled environment of the supermarket???? What if they visited a Super- Wal-mart???!!!...Thay saw a Tupperware container?? A box of disposable diapers/??  A fresh Pineapple???.. "Sir..What is a Pined..Apple???? Is it a weapon to heave at an opponent???".. What about A coke -a cola, or a Snickers Bar???... I know my spelling leaves a lot to be desired.. I thank yall for allowing me to post this..

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