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 Posted: Mon Apr 13th, 2009 07:16 pm
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Well, I went to Gettysburg this past weekend and investigated a few places with my son and my friend Sharon.  Didn't get to review everything yet but I definately got some interesting EVP's. (Electronic Voice Phenomena-picking up voices electronically that were not physically heard at the time it happened).  We spent about an hour in the cellar of the old Orphanage on Taneytown Rd. near the Holiday Inn where we stayed.   It is supposed to be haunted by some orphanage children and the wicked mistress, Rosa.  Honestly I did not feel or hear anything unusual at the time but when listening to my digital voice recorder my son picked up two things. 

Question: What's your name?  Answer (little girls voice): Mmm   Mmmmmmmm

Question: How old are you? Answer (little girls voice): Seven  (this was very clear)

Once I figure out how to download the sound file I'll try to put it on.

Still need to review The Wheat Field, Devils Den, Spanglers Spring and Covered Bridge.


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