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 Posted: Tue Apr 14th, 2009 03:12 pm
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Count me as one who does not accept the idea that Cuban Americans can now go vist family in Cuba, send money and so on. Why? Because I want to go to Cuba too. And, furthermore, I question, why I am a second class citizen when it comes to travel rights.

I don't remember any other case in modern history when, if travel was allowed to US citizens at all to a particular country, it wasn't allowed to EVERY US citizen. Why are we allowing only Cuban Americans there?  In essence, they are being granted greater travel freedom than the rest of us have.

I know some drag out the issue of human rights, but these people aren't looking very hard. Just one example: We always had full travel privileges to the Philippines, for example, under the repressive Marcos regime.

There are plenty of places Americans can travel right now that don't even come close to having the human rights we enjoy here. So why do we single out Cuba? Cuba is only ninety miles away from South Florida.

I, for one, feel that fifty years of failed foreign policy in Cuba is quite enough.    Keep doing something the same old way and you will keep on getting the same old result. I am really very upset that we are granting special travel status to Cuban Americans. All American citizens who care to travel to Cuba should be allowed to go forthwith. I really resent that in my own country, one set of people is being given special status that the rest of us cannot enjoy. I feel it is wrong and a bad precident to set.

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