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 Posted: Wed Apr 15th, 2009 02:45 am
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Pam, I believe the administration is acting very cautiously and I am sure they believe prudently. By allowing only Cuban-Americans to visit Cuba for now, they are taking baby steps toward a more liberalization later. Maybe that is wise. But, still, I don't care for the precedent it sets to give certain Americans travel rights that others don't possess. I see the humanitarian aspect of it to allow family visits and financial support.

In South Florida the Cuban-American voting block is very powerful. Some don't want ANY travel to Cuba by anyone from the US, regardless of national background. I have to confess that allowing just Cuban-Americas to go is a GIANT STEP forward over what has been.

It does show that younger and second-generation Cuban-Americans favor a thawing of relations even while the original Cubans to come here after Castro took over still cling to stricter ideas about US diplomatic and trade relations with Cuba.

That said, I am very impatient to get a chance to see Cuba too. Also, I feel going to Cuba on a cruise ship is an ideal way to visit for now because I undertsand the infrastructure for foreign tourism may not be adequate for the demand. That way you can spend the night on board, but tour during the day. ALso Key West also has a brand new ferry port perfect for running day trips to Cuba.

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