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 Posted: Wed Apr 15th, 2009 06:44 pm
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To place the combat conditions you describe in another context, for a later war- The Norden bombsight was touted as being "Able to place a bomb in a Pickle-Barrel". This accolade was negated under the reality of conditions at target approach. Flack, fighters whipping past with guns blazing, the pilot veering to avoid collision with another of the formation who had sustained damage. Applied to the riflemen of the War of the Rebellion(Mr. Lincolns War) the same stresses hold true. Conditions dictate results. One factor unmentioned sofar is atmospheric conditions. Humidity altered the performance of the cartridges of the day if not protected from same. Some tallow covered cartridges were found here in town during a road widening excavation. The projectile was launched clean when check fired, 138 years later.

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