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 Posted: Thu Apr 16th, 2009 02:15 pm
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"Pause, I entreat you, and consider for a moment what reasons you can give that will even satisfy yourselves in calmer moments--what reasons you can give to the nations of the earth to justify it? They will be calm and deliberate judges in the case; and to what cause or one overt act can you name or point, on which to rest the plea of justification? What right has the North assailed? What interest of the South has been invaded? Can either of you today name one government act of wrong, deliberately and purposely done by the government of Washington, of which the South has a right to complain? I challenge the answer!"

Extract from a speech of Alexander H. Stephens, delivered at the Secession Convention of Georgia, January, 1861.

"This step, secession, once taken, can never be recalled. We and our posterity shall see our lovely South desolated by the demon of war."

Alexander Stephens, future Vice-President of the Confederacy, January 18, 1861.

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