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 Posted: Thu Apr 16th, 2009 04:09 pm
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swampfox wrote: So I live in the south, and I am aware of its intolerant history in many aspects, but it is hard for me to accept that the South was soley fighting to preserve slavery. I understand racism and slavery were and still are wrong, but were there not some Confederates who wanted to have an idealistic southern republic to fight the corrupt Federal government, or am I just trying to make a flawed cause seem more heroic than it is portrayed by our history books?

That slavery was a cause cannot be denied, as Johan has pointed out often!

there were many many reasons why men fought. some for slavery, some for their homes,wives and girlfriends...remember, the war was fought mostly in the south, literally in the front yards of some of the soldiers. Others fought because of the adventure, or because their best friend jined up...much like young men (and now women) do today... some joioned because of conscription...were there some confederates who "wanted to have an idealistic southern republic to fight the corrupt Federal government,"... yes I am sure they were...

Was every confederate soldier a racist S.*O.*B.* who wanted to perpetuate slavery and keep the black folk in their!

Are the Confederate soldiers worthy of our respect and honor for their contribution to their region, their sacrifice, their suffering and deaths for a cause THEY believed in... catagorically YES in my opinion


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