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 Posted: Thu Apr 16th, 2009 10:53 pm
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Let me say first that I disagree with slavery.

Now, let's look at slavery from an 1861 Southern perspective. It had, over the course of American history, become an economic neccessity as the South remained agricultural. To take that away would be economic ruin to not only the South, but to  the entire Union unless there were a means to "prop up" the economy while it could be figured out how to pay wages to pick the cotton without driving the price of selling the cotton to foreign nations sky high. The industrial revolution, of course, assisted in this; but who, at that time, could have forseen it?

I am over-simplifying here, and I mean no disrespect, but to free the slaves would be akin to taking away all the working farm animals. With no mule to plow for free (minus the cost of food and shelter), they'd have to pay someone to be harnessed to a plow.

What would have happened if the North allowed slavery and the South did'nt?? There still would have been a war......

If anyone one responds, I'll be in Galena, IL (Grant's birthday celebration) reenacting till Monday.....Have a GREAT weekend!!

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