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 Posted: Fri Apr 17th, 2009 04:27 am
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Mark- Please read Lincoln's message to the special session of Congress, July 4, 1861.This will have to do for a formal declaration of war on the part of the Federal Government. It is out there on the net. The Emancipation Proclamation, while alluded to in three Lincoln speeches of 1862, did not stand on its own documentation until January of 1863. This after the writ of Habeas Corpus abolishment, Baker Laws and Military Draft made voicing anything but party line a bit "career limiting", shall we say. I restate my assertion that the abolision of the institution of slavery, under attack since 1800 in the U.S., was a factional motive, not a motive of the general U.S. population of the time. That slavery had become a moral issue and illegal in many parts of the world by the time of secession is the single greatest cause for the failure of the Confederacy.
Sirs, though the issue be clouded by time, and the motives alien to me, I would never slander the contestants. It's been my observation that God and Country and all the laws ever written are reduced to those of your crew when it comes down to it.

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