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 Posted: Fri Apr 17th, 2009 02:27 pm
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Well said Barrydancer. The US was never an Empire, never has been and I pray to God it never becomes one. The words: "Lincoln had an empire to protect and he found the perfect means to do so?" is mere rhetoric w/ very little bassis in fact.

Secession and all of its evils/good are not my forte; it stinks too much of corrupt politics ministered by professional politicians. I prefer the words of the men who were there, not the Lost Causers or Radical Republican fanatics who came after. The words of the men of the day are enough to hang most of the Secessionist fire eaters in my mind. And I fully know that neither side was as pure as the driven snow. When politicians get involved everything goes to... pot. I grow weary of the South good North evil or North good South evil crap. And as I fear that is where this thread will go I choose to let other less jaded minds throw their coin in the pot. I chose to let the men of the day have their say; their words are quite damning as to slavery being the root cause of the ruckus. For me, sorry slavery is wrong and an evil for which there is no extenuating circumstance. I'm all for honoring and respecting the soldier of the CS, just not the dogs that sent him into harms way in a bid for power and the protection of slavery.

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