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 Posted: Tue Apr 21st, 2009 09:16 pm
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David White wrote: Whoah,  where is James Murfin's Gleam of Bayonets it was the definitive work until Sears came along?

I address this question in the blog entry.  I made mention of Murfin's book several times.  To me, I could have included either Murfin or Sears, and chose Sears.  Despite Sears' obvious anti-McClellan bias, his work is newer, more accessible to the public, and Sears had more sources available to him than Murfin did.  It's high on my list of Antietam books, but it didn't make my top 5.  As I mentioned in another Civil War forum, I probably should have created a top 10! :)

As it is, I also included several "books for beginners"and "books for wargamers" in the blog entry as well.

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