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 Posted: Wed Aug 30th, 2006 06:08 pm
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Have a good one for you A series of battles fought by one man Gen. Nathan Bedford Forrest , He is a contraversal figure so folks would be drawn to Him , plus his Bio is interesting ;

1) Uneducated man becomes a rich Planter and slave holder (millonare of his time)

2) enlists at start of war as a private rises to Gen.

as far as battles

3) Fort Donelson retreat- would make a superb movie

4) Shiloh - Retreat the story of his personal exper. that Shelby Foote describes     in "Civil War" ( PBS Series) would make a cool scene or part of a book

5) DEC 1862- JAN. 1863 Raids Grants army

6) shot by a disgruntled Subordinate whom he wounds with a penknife ( Andrew W. Gould)

7) Chickamaugha

8) west Tenn Campaign- Giving Sherman fits

9) Fort Pillow -- enough Contraversy there for a movie/book  alone

10) Brices crossroads

11) surrender

could even do him being first grand wizard of KKK but getting out because he thought it was to violent ( man that is bad if it was to violent for this man )

anyway that is my thought if you go with him do i get any percentage of the Money or a free copy :D


p.s do you know they think he died of diabetes??

and yes I am Kinda nuts on the guy like some are Lee, Jackson or JEB my wife was nervous I would want to name my son Forrest , but that stupid Tom Hanks movie Cured that couldnt let him be teased by " RUN forrest RUN " all his life

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