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 Posted: Mon Apr 27th, 2009 12:56 am
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Hi folks,

Has anyone seen the movie The Boy in the Striped Pajamas? It's out now on DVD. I just saw it for the first time last night, and it was horrible--and absolutely great!

It's a Holocaust film, and the main character is a German boy of 8 who befriends a Jewish boy of the same age who is a prisoner in the extermination camp the German boy's father is in charge of. It is NOT a comfortable movie, but the acting was great, and the dialogue, as well. No Holocaust movies should be comfortable to watch, and the ending of this one is so disturbing that I keep thinking about it. Yet that's what films about this subject are supposed to do: make you never forget.

I'm alittle partial to the subject, since I teach a unit on the Holocaust as background for The Diary of Anne Frank, which my students read in class. Still, I can honestly say I wouldn't want to watch this film again--but I'll never forget it.



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