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 Posted: Tue Apr 28th, 2009 12:33 pm
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barrydancer wrote:
Well said, and I think it is why some try so hard to prove there was such a thing.  If you can prove that black people fought willingly for the Confederacy, and in the numbers that advocates of black confederates like to claim, then the Confederacy was surely not fighting to protect slavery because, as you said, who would "fight to keep themselves in bondage."
Since blacks did fight for the Confederacy is this what you are claiming?

From a posting you made in the other thred about slaves as southern soldiers:

"They also bristle at what they see as the disingenuous twist on political correctness fueling the black Confederate fad. 'It's a search for a multicultural Confederacy, a desperate desire to feel better about your ancestors,' says Leslie Rowland, a University of Maryland historian. 'If you suggest that some blacks supported the South, then you can deny that the Confederacy was about slavery and white supremacy.'

Now that's strange- "...the Confederacy was about...white supremacy..." as if it were unique.

I believe every predominantly white country promoted the idea of white supremacy...the North being no exception.

Or are you going to claim the North was fighting for "racial equality?" That's going to be a hard one to sell.

"...Leslie Rowland, a University of Maryland historian."

Another one of those "unbiased" left-leaning academics?

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