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 Posted: Tue Apr 28th, 2009 05:20 pm
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Doc, Ashbel gives good advice.  I was not around when the round table I am program chairman of was formed.  I have heard that they started meeting at the local library and invited locals to speak to the group.  We now meet a a Carrows coffee shop. They give us the backroom for nothing once a month.  Since most people eat dinner that pays for the room. 

I have built up a list of speakers from various places, Members of the group, members of other round tables and people other people recommend.  We do not pay for speakers as our treasury doesn't allow for that.  We buy the speaker dinner and sometimes if they come from a distance provide gas money. 

We usually have 30 -40 people which fills the back room.  We have a book raffle every other month to raise money for presveration.  The books come from members who donate them.  Pure profit. 

One thing we do to get new members in is attend the local reenactments .  We set up a booth and pas out flyers with information on the round table and what our upcoming programs are going to be.

This is how I found the round table in the first place.  I went to the local Huntington Beach reenactment and there they were .  I joined on the spot.   We also had cards made up that list the name, when and where we meet on them.  The members have these to pass out to friends and relatives or strangers.  I keep some in my purse and have past many of them out to people I talk to .  One of our members gave one to a young man at jury duty.  He showed up and brought two friends this past month.

Good luck.  Hope it works for you.  I look forward to going to ours each month. 


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