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 Posted: Tue Apr 28th, 2009 08:19 pm
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"I've said my piece, and I'm bowing out of this thread before it does degenerate into personal attacks and conspiracy theories."

Actually the sagest advice I could give. I've studied this war for over 30 years; belonged to hundreds of forums in that time as well as dozens of other "discussions" over subjects that will never be decided. I find it sad in a way. What I see are self-taught "scholars" who believe they know the unknowable. Usually what they're dong is relying on family lore as fact or attempting to justify the unjustifiable. I have strong beliefs on this subject, as well as others every bit as decisive (causation being another one). You will find I usually keep them to myself.

But what I never have is complete confidence that my belief is THE correct belief. Back in the stone ages when I was in college I had a mentor who drilled one thing into me : "when you are convinced you have the correct answer, you have forsaken research, because any reading and study you do from that point on will simply be processed in your mind as fodder for your conviction. Any contradictory facts will be discarded".

 I would advise those who wish to argue with those who hold these "scholarly" convictions to do the following: lower you head and run full speed into a brick wall. The result is the same, and it's much quicker and less frustrating.

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