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 Posted: Wed Apr 29th, 2009 03:16 pm
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19bama46 wrote: "I understand their insecurities, but if they really want Americans to take their Southern ancestors on the historical terms of the antebellum South then they will have to abandon the notion that they are a minority group that is under siege from the political left–in doing so they will take the first step to seeing the past as a search for complexities and not for universal truths that can be used to assail PC radicals. Too many Americans have the insatiable need to see themselves as a minority group under attack."

Until I read this sentence, I was agreeing with the author, however I think it could be fairly said that the confederate symbols are indeed under attack by PC leftists. It appears that their aim is to make certain that all vestiges of the confederate experience has been erased from the American scene.

To Wit:

-The VA in a reversal of previous policy now states that small confederate type flags cannot be placed in front of confederate graves in national cemeteries. Even for a few hours on Memorial day

-The Auburn incident of the destruction of private property at a cemetery.

-The hue and cry about the CBF being displayed over I65 south of MOntgomery and in Florida...even tho it is displayed on Private property.

-The practice of the NPS of granting hate groups such as the KKK the right to hold demonstrations on NPS property (Antietam Battlefield) on the basis of first ammendment rights, while the VA denies the SCV the right to fly a battleflag as part of a colorguard during the dedication of a monument to confederate POW's who died during captivity at a National Cemetery.

I would add to that the boycott of South Carolina by the combined efforts of the NAACP and NCAA over the Confederate flag being on statehouse grounds.

In recent years the NCAA has become a very politically correct/left-leaning organization. 

Where in NCAA bylaws does it authorize them to be involved in political issues?

It doesn't.  In fact they are breaking their own rules.

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