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Ole responded to a post I had made on another thread and Susan became concerned that we were off topic, so I have decided to open a new thread to deal with the issue...


Below is the posts to date..


-The VA in a reversal of previous policy now states that small confederate type flags cannot be placed in front of confederate graves in national cemeteries. Even for a few hours on Memorial day

That sucks. Can you expand on that? This is the first time I've heard of it.

-The Auburn incident of the destruction of private property at a cemetery.
That one I've heard of. Endlessly. And he sucks too.
-The hue and cry about the CBF being displayed over I65 south of MOntgomery and in Florida...even tho it is displayed on Private property.
It's north of Montgomery and it is magnificent.
-The practice of the NPS of granting hate groups such as the KKK the right to hold demonstrations on NPS property (Antietam Battlefield) on the basis of first ammendment rights, while the VA denies the SCV the right to fly a battleflag as part of a colorguard during the dedication of a monument to confederate POW's who died during captivity at a National Cemetery.
This one can also use some expansion. First time I've heard of it.
And countless other acts to change street names, school names etc because they are named after men like Lee, Davis, Forrest, Jackson and other Confederate figures.

PC BS by people with teeny minds.

Just some thoughts.




To respond issue by issue to your replies...

1. The issue of the small flags on the headstones of confederate soldiers buried in national Cemeteries. This was announced at the April 19, 2009 Il Division SCV statewide meeting. As I understand it, the VA has recently recinded permission to place small Battleflags or 1St nationals on graves even on Memorial Day. In the past Copnfederate Flags (of all types) could be flown (not from flagstaffs) but as a part of a colorguard on Confederate Memorial day and one other day, with prior permission from the VA.... In states where Confederate Memorial day is not observed, then on 2 days with prior permission. I am unclear as to the current policy regarding this, but I am not optimistic.

2. The Auburn incident... we are all aware of that, but I agree it sucks. He is wrong.

3. The location of Birmingham relative to Montgomery... You are right... I continually forget it is South of B'Ham, not South of Montgomery....

4. A few years ago, the IL Division SCV, the IL Society MOS&B, The IL UDC and the IL Orderof the Confederate Rose, raised funds to place monuments to the POWs  that rest in cemeteries in Illinois, including Rockford, Butler and Mound City. These monuments were all approved by the VA and space for them was allocated.

In the case of Butler, the newspaper in bloomington ran a story on the monument. All hell broke loose, everyone was up in arms that Springfield was being invaded... etc, etc...

Someone enlisted the assistance of Durbin and Obama (then a senator of about 20 minutes standing)... The upshot of that is they pressured the VA to refuse to allow us to use our flags as a colorguard for a 1 hour ceremony at the cemetery.

At the VERY same time the KKK applied for and was granted permission by the NPS to hold a rally ON THE BATTLEFIELD at Antietam. The reason for permission being granted was the 1st ammendment to the constitution. I wrote Senator Obama a letter asking him to explain how the KKK could be granted permission to spew filth on the battlefield ...and display battleflags as they always do..( a federal installation) under the guise of the 1st ammendment, while at the same time, we were denied the right to use those same flags in a ceremony designed to honor the men who fought under that banner and died thru no fault of their own in Springfield as POWs.


The response was NOT enlightening... I wish I had not blown my stack and thrown away that response...

5. That the renaming of schools streets and other places is PC BS exercised by small minded people, does not negate the fact that it is happening and all too often it is successful, because apparently there are some people who indeed do have a right never to be offended


so, that's my take on your questions



A couple of minor corrections relative to the location of national cemeteries in Illinois with Confederate POW's

Rockford, should read Rock Island...

Butler is Camp Butler national Cemetery located in Springfield.



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