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 Posted: Thu Apr 30th, 2009 01:22 am
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ole wrote:  agree entirely, but I think that idealizing the North and demonizing the South is equally as foolish. The fact that some blacks did fight for the South, how many I don't suppose we'll ever know, does well to show how incredibly diverse the reasons that men went to war were.
Subscribe to your POV. It is quite stupid to claim this or that just based on "me too." But it is also quite wrong to claim that a slave or two who "volunteered" prove that they loved their massa so much, that they gave it over,

But let's talk about that black guy with a musket. Why is he there? Is he there because massa is there? Is he there because he feels his home is in danger? Gimme a reason. Just one. If you have two, chuff them out.

Backing off. Just one question: why is he there?

Like their white counterparts, freed men may have been protecting their homes or "property rights" (there were black slave owners). A number of slaves were undoubtedly forced to serve while others may have fought because their master promised them their freedom in exchange for service. My guess is there were probably even a few who fought because of their bond with their master, though if there was it was likely a small minority perhaps at best only comparable to women who fought in the war.

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