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 Posted: Fri May 1st, 2009 02:48 pm
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It really is interesting that the Stars and Bars doesn't seem to have the same response that the Battle flag does.  At least most places. 

The UDC I belonged to told me before the first meeting to look for the Confederate Flag.  I had to look twice as I drove though a neighborhood as it was the Stars and Bars flying . 

Also ever looked at Georgia's flag?  The big uproar over the former flag and now it's replacement is the Stars and Bars with other things over the top.  hmm. Haven't heard of any big protest over it either. 

Of course the reason maybe that most people outside the Civil War community don't know what the stars and bars is may help the issue. 

Bama what was said by the one poster about the Lincoln statue may be in reference to the big uproar about placing a statue of a seated Lincoln and Tad at the Tredegar.  It is in honor of his walk though Richmond after it fell. 

As to flags on graves.  I think Confederate soldiers should have Confederate Flags no matter where they are buried.  Union should have Union flags.  Interesting when we were all in Franklin /Spring Hill with Tom Cartwright a couple of years ago we asked him why General Carter had an American Flag on his grave instead of Confederate.  He said ,"Boy Scouts.".  He said actually a 50 star flag should not be placed on Confederate graves .  If it was a preCivil War I believe he said that was okay.  This cemetery in Spring Hill did allow Confederate Flags as we did see some there.  

Of course in Hollywood Cemetery in Richmond there are many Confederate Flags of all sorts. Same in Magnolia in Charleston .  Sadly in Columbia S.C I have heard they have removed even the flag pole by the UDC speakers stand in the Confederate Cemtery . 

Take care all. 


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