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 Posted: Fri May 8th, 2009 07:38 pm
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ashbel wrote: And if a 3rd party were possible would it be more moderate directed at the middle and the slightly right of middle or would it be more like the Ron Paul Libertarians?

I grew up as an Everett Dirksen Republican - pragmatic, pro small-business, willing to compromise for the good of the country, and fiscally conservative.  I am not sure there is a place in the Republican Party of today for folks like me.

me either...

I don't know, that, I think, would depend on the people who made up that mythical party. I tend to gravitate towards the liberaterians as they come closer to representing MOST of my views than any other party... of course, no party will represent all of any person's views..

I consider myself to be a Jeffersonian Democrat

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