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 Posted: Fri May 8th, 2009 08:14 pm
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David White

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Four years ago the Democrats seemed on the verge of extinction with the far left fighting the Union-types and more moderates, apparently the far left has won that battle and the party is still anything but dead.

The Republicans are in a bad way, they need to move to more fiscal conservatism and standing up to the left wing types in the Democratic Party.  As to the former, they have just been a little bit better than the Democrats of late and they go too crazy with the government spending too.  As to the latter, they have never had a spine to do that for some reason even when they were in charge (the Democrats to their credit don't have a problem with sacking the town and putting all the opposing inhabitants to the sword).  Any moves they make right now may end up alienating moderates.  A recent poll says 47% of our nation seems to favor government direction for their life versus taking care of their own livelihood-- so fiscal conservatism will kill that gravy train and could cost them.  If they fight back too hard against the lefties right now, the press will crucify them as opposing "hope and change" and tell us how mean conservatives are.  So they will have to bide their time.

I predict the Republicans will make a come back sooner rather than later as dissatisfaction grows with the left wing Democrats when their experiment in socialism fails and ruins the economy further.  Just hope the people with ambition keep their businesses around to compete with the world economically.  Heck even the crappy companies like GM are taking their government handouts and using it to move their business off shore-- way to go Obama!

The Libertarians will never be a viable third party for the reasons Bama alludes to and the fact they are so right on many issues (getting government out of our lives and pocketbook) and so wrong on others (isolationism and making drugs legal).

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