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 Posted: Sat May 9th, 2009 02:47 pm
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David is quite right, the majority leans more left now than it did, say, 40 years ago. I see something Lincolnesque in the process, although it's taken a lot longer than the four years it took Lincoln move the base closer to his way of thinking.

It is said, and rightfully so, that if you allow the government a "temporary" power, it's going to keep it. So it is that if you allow the voting base a "temporary" entitlement, it's going to keep it. We've marched along from a time when Democrats had to be more conservative to appeal to the base, to a time when Republicans must be more liberal to appeal to the base. From a time when states took care of their own business to a time when a state cannot survive without Federal help.

Be careful what you wish for, subsequent generations will be paying dearly for "hope and change."


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