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 Posted: Sat May 9th, 2009 06:12 pm
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The Iron Duke wrote: I am currently struggling to finish Cozzens "This Terrible Sound:the Battle of Chickamauga" and hoping to make it through"the Shipwreck of Their Hopes: The Battles for Chattanooga" in the next three this guy likes to pile on the detail.....and not the most entertaining writer I've ever encountered. On the plus side his research seems solid and he provides lots of maps and good OOBs in each book. I'm starting to think of historians and good writers as two separate groups with very few exceptions.
I completely agree Cap'n.  I thought No Better Place to Die was a fantastic read but This Terrible Sound was a chore.  His book on Corinth was decent.  I don't have the heart to tackle his volume on Chattanooga.  I still feel that Wiley Sword's description of Franklin in The Confederacy's Last Hurrah is the best battle narration I've read.
NBPTD and "The Darkest Days of the War" were both nice reads imo. I think maybe his story telling got lost in the minutia of details and research in his later volumes. I have the Sword book as well but I am reluctant to dig into it with an open mind after  so many doubts have been raised regarding his apparent biases and slanted approach to certain individuals ala Hood etc....hey I'm looking at the gift shop header on this page and noticing a new Winston Groom book on Vicksburg...must have boooook!

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