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 Posted: Sat May 9th, 2009 09:53 pm
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CK Larson,
Thank you for your very informative post.  The excellent information is appreciated.  I wonder what your thoughts are about documentation of women's service during the Civil War?  When one consults several sources, it is clear that some sources of information are accepted by some authors, but not by others.  Moreover, the information is sometimes in conflict with the chronology of the war, but the conflict seems not to be noticed by the author.  This seems to suggest that it would be useful to be more aware of sources of information and make some distinctions based on the type of source.  For example, presumably official military records would be an excellent source, but not available very often for a given woman.  Specific information in a soldier's letter home would be a good source, but if the soldier is citing rumors, presumably that would be a less good source, etc. etc. Stories told by third parties sometime after the war could be more questionable.   As a professional working on this subject, how have you viewed various sources of information?
Again, thanks for the excellent information in your post.
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