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 Posted: Mon May 11th, 2009 07:45 pm
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Bumping this to the top to ask a question: Just how important was LRT?

Lee focused his attack on the 2nd to peel the Union line from the base and roll it up all the way to (or preferably past) Cemetery Hill. Meade apparently didn't intend to defend it, presumably because an attacking force would have no artillery to support it and charging through woods and rocks would leave the attacking force exhausted and considerably disorganized.

No way to drag artillery up there through that kind of terrain. And, as Hazlett proved, it wasn't a cakewalk going up the northeast face either.

The "attack" was apparently Robertson's Brigade wandering off to the right of where he ought to have been. As he passed over the base of Big Round Top, he sent the 15th Alabama and seven companies of the 47th Alabama up that hill to chase off a few companies of the 2nd USS.

By this time, Warren had sent Strong Vincent's Brigade up and over LRT to set the stage for the famous charge of Jeff Daniels. (The 15th and 47th Alabama were called off BRT and sent to assail the Union Right.

Assume that Robertson's Brigade could have taken LRT and siezed Hazlett's Battery. Would that been as disastrous as most historians make it? Here I don't want a historian's opinion ... I want yours.


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