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 Posted: Tue May 12th, 2009 08:43 pm
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I have to disagree, David.  Those six guns of Hazlett's might have looked impressive, and scary if they were in Confederate hands, but the reality of it is what jharold mentions from Twilight on LRT. You just couldn't depress the cannons enough to make them effective in defending LRT, considering the configuration of the top plateau there, and the steepness of the front face of the hill. Also, don't forget that only the front side of LRT was clearcut: the back side was still pretty heavily wooded. You couldn't defend that side with just artillery. If the Confederates captured those guns, it'd be easy for Federal troops (say, the Sixth Corps) to sneak through the saddle between LRT and BRT and come up from behind through the woods.

So maybe it'd be a psychological thing for the Union troops ("Oh, s***, they've turned our flank!") and maybe there'd be some long-range damage on up Cemetery Ridge, but I don't see much else. And you'd have to go pretty far beyond the back side of LRT to get in the Union rear, which means you'd come up on the reserves first--not a good thing for the Confederates, or a tenable position.

Just my opinion, based on what I know of the area, having walked it on foot.


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