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 Posted: Wed May 13th, 2009 09:10 pm
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David: Your scenario works pretty good under normal circumstances. Hazlett found a narrow place for two of his guns (likely 10# Parrotts) and they were pointed west. The other four were scattered around and, as I understand it, quite useless.

Now it is an assumption that the six could have been sited pointing north. It's a reasonable assumption, and I don't know that it wasn't possible, but the difficulties don't end there. Who's going to site and work the guns? Infantry? Yes, they could send back for some artillerists to come up and help. How long would all that take? I'll venture hours. Meanwhile, what are Weed's and Vincent's brigades doing? What is Meade doing? What is the Union artillery up on the ridge doing? The north face was relatively clear and well within sight and range of more than a few well-practiced Union batteries.

The Rebs were not going to get their own guns up there; they must seize Hazlett's before they're spiked.

The conflict there was more accidental than Buford and Reynolds and Howard showing up where they weren't supposed to be: Gettysburg.

Another interesting speculation is that if Sickles had remained where he ought to have been and Robertson hadn't wandered off, would Lee have rolled up the Union left?

Just a thought.


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