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 Posted: Wed May 13th, 2009 09:20 pm
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... and I doubt Longstreet is sitting by idly waiting for that counter attack without getting more of Hood's and maybe even McLaw's men up there to face it.
From Krick (I can't say he's unbiased when someone brings up Longstreet on the 2nd.): Longstreet was in a snit. He had, over his objections, been ordered to do thus and such. So, against his better on-scene judgement, with a touch of spite, he ordered the advance as given to him. That is, his orders did not include LRT so he wasn't about to spend much effort in taking and keeping it.

Longstreet has to get through Sickles and the subsequent reenforcements to accomplish his objective: Cemetery Hill. He doesn't care about LRT ... either taking it or keeping it.

Just a thought.


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