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 Posted: Tue May 26th, 2009 04:46 pm
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David White

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Geez Javal:

The description of this particular forum is:

Anything that doesn't fit anywhere else goes here.

So that's not true? We've had topics on all sorts of subjects throughout the history of this board and now current events joins abortion as off limits? What if GM declares bankruptcy this week, that's huge! We can't discuss it because a few people don't want to see an e-mail that the topic is being discussed? What if an equal number of people complain about battlefield ghost topics because they don't believe in the supernatural, will that topic be banned too?

If people don't want to read about a topic just ignore it! Deleting trash from ones e-mail is a daily occurence for all, complaining about it is like complaining about getting credit card solitications in your postal mail everyday.

I'm not interested in walking on eggshells as to whether a topic can be discussed or not on these boards. As long as people are respectful to each other while posting, what is the harm in speaking on any topic?

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