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 Posted: Tue May 26th, 2009 10:22 pm
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javal1 wrote: First of all the problem is RSS feeds, not e-mails. If it were e-mails, they could control which topics they get notification mails for. They can't do that with RSS feeds (as far as I know). There's several problems:

1) It isn't an occasional Current Affairs topic posted vs. a majority of Civil War posts. There's weeks where CA posts outnumber Civil War posts 75%-25%. That isn't what many members signed up for.

2) Frankly, I haven't seen all that much of a quest for honest back-and-forth in the CA topics. What we're seeing is statements.

3) What it boils down to is I'm the one who has to spend my time not only moderating it, but answering e-mails from people not happy with it. It's great to say "that shouldn't bother them", but my job is to consider everyone's opinion when possible. Remember, I'm the one that created the CA afairs topics - no one asked me to, so I doubt my goal is to make people walk on egg shells.

I'll put it up to the membership of the board as a whole later today through a poll. If the majority want a Current Affairs topic(s), I'll return it. But if I see this is becoming more of a political board than a Civil War board, I'll do what I have to do.


I am not trying to be difficult and readily admit that I know almost Exactly NOTHING about RSS feeds except, I think you can read stuff on them... But, to read your post, it seems you are saying that many members signed up not to discuss the ACW, but rather to read what others are saying about it, while offering no input... and complaining if the posts are not germane to the war, so they get entertained in the manner they wish...That kind of seems one sided if it is the case..

Am I missing something here



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