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 Posted: Sat May 30th, 2009 02:08 am
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Having read the pretty heated dialogue on the Carhart Hypothesis of why Lee lost at Gettysburg, I am respectfully requesting from the community their recommendations of the best written representations of what the other point of view, such as Mr. Wittenburg has shared, on what were Lee's real goals and objectives.

With my limited knowledge, my main confusion is what in fact did General Lee see as the next step if Picket's charge was successful.  I have also read in "the class of 1846" General Pickett complained he did not have two brigades which would have proved a material difference in the result.  What should Lee's expectation have been on a successful assault on the hill and his expected deployed strength on the hill afterwards, the resupply or extension of lines upon completion, and further action.  What would have the logical next step?  And more importantly do the questions make sense?

Your collective constructive comments are welcomed.  I want to expand my knowledge on this subject, and the Civil War in general.  I look to hopefully draw on your expertise and willingness to share your knowledge.  Thank you!

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