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 Posted: Sat May 30th, 2009 09:36 am
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Although I have not read it myself yet, though I own it and I plan too, I know a lot of Licensed Battlefield Guide and Rangers at Gettysburg who recommend the book "Lee's Real Plan at Gettysburg" by Troy D. Harman.  Harman himself is actually a ranger at the park. Since I haven't actually read it yet I don't know if it adresses the actual questions you had, but it might help since Guides like it so much.

I often wonder what Lee would have done next as well. All accounts point to Lee wanting to get between Washington and the AotP and fight a defensive battle, knowing that Lincoln would be pushing Union commanders to constantly attack in order to protect the capital. If Lee could have destroyed most of the AotP, he could make a serious push on Washington.

But if Pickett's Charge had been sucessful I agree 100% with The Iron Duke. Lee would have paid a heavy price for the victory and if he intended upon his original objective he now had 2 bigger problems:

1) The AoNV had been so weakened it probably wouldn't be enough to take Washington given all of it's defenses.

2) The Union Army would still be intact, at least enough to pose enough of a threat to preclude Lee from organizing an assault on the capital. 

Given that Lee had decided to stay and fight at Gettysburg, I think he would have had to regroup back into the South either way.

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