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 Posted: Sat May 30th, 2009 06:28 pm
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Here is an interesting article from the Gettysburg Times.  It is about how the traffic in Gettysburg is expected to increase significantly in the coming years.  Alot of the traffic is going to be from large trucks delivering goods.  I think this article relates to this issue of the Wilderness Walmart.  I like that it points out that the revenue brought in by the stores, etc. does not cover the cost of maintaining the roads.  I really think that most people don't realize how much more wear and tear that trucks cause, than just normal automobile traffic (lets not forget the wonderful sound of air brakes.) 

I live in an area that used to be covered in farmland.  Little by little, we've had a mall here, a shopping center there and now distribution centers are all over the place.  Let me tell you, the tractor trailers really tear up the roads.  Just take a look at the roads that have the signs that indicate "No Trucks Except Local Delivery."  Take note of how infrequently they're resurfaced and repaired as opposed to the other roads.  
The road by my development is over 20 years old. It takes alot of traffic, not just because of the neighborhood and schools, but also traffic just passing through.  I have been living in this house for 10 years.  I don't remember that road ever needing to be repaved (the road is about 25 years old & I have lived in the area for 35 years.) If you turn off the highway and go in the opposite direction on that same road, toward the distribution centers, the road is bumpy, rutted and marked with pot holes.  Figure it out for yourselves.  Vehicles don't just roll across the surface of the streets.  The heavier they are, the more damage they cause to it.

The last thing I'd like to say is in response to the Walmart affecting the battlefield itself:  I agree that since it is just across the street from the NPS land it might not effect it directly.  My response to those who feel that way is this:  What you're saying is that it'd be okay with you if we tear up the land across from your home and build a shopping center.  We can put an entrance right in front of your house.  Or maybe you'd be okay if a big shopping center is built adjacent to your vacation home or a public beach.  What's the big deal? You can still sit outside and relax (just watch out for those flying cigarette butts!)

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