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 Posted: Sat Sep 9th, 2006 02:16 am
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Cook_R_S wrote:

If Grant had been at Chancellorsville, Lee would have been a prisoner of the Army of the Potomac.   


What do you base this on?

smawsom44 wrote:

 If Grant had been at Chancellorsville one might wonder how much earlier the war would have been won.

What do you base this on?

If Grant had been at Chancellorsville the outcome would have been the same. Chancellorsville was a brilliantly executed plan. No Northern commander could have seen what was coming, no less, change the outcome.

smawson44 wrote:

Also no one can deny him his mastery of the overland campaign on Vicksburg.

Had Lee and Longstreet been at Vicksburg maybe that would have ended differently. Grant had no one of this caliber to oppose him at Vicksburg. Pemberton and Johnston are not exactly Lee and Longstreet. You can not have "mastery" when your opposition is far inferior.



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