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 Posted: Sun May 31st, 2009 02:57 am
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Johnny Huma
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I have not posted lately on the forum but I would like to throw my 2 cents in. 2 books I have read several times have some good insite. Some will not agree with me but they are worth reading. "Last Chance For Victory" and "Lee's Real Plan"..On of the things Lee wanted to acomplish by invading the North was simply a Northern Victory. With a Northern Victory he was hoping the England and France may have been drawn into the war and see the Confederacy as its own independant Country. If a Victory had taken place the Northern anti war population would have put a lot of pressure on Washington to let the South have its independence and stop the war. A letter had already been drawn up by Jefferson Davis to sue for peace if infact a Victory had taken place. I dont agree with some that say lees army was do terribly beaten that he could not have continued fighting in the North. It sure was able to fight for 2 more years after that battle. Lee could have sustained himself in PA since the farmlands here were rich with supplies for his army. But he would have had to take an offensive stratagy and not a defensive one. On the defense his army could have simply been starved out because the Union would not have to attack him but just check him. If he staying in one location to long supplies would run out therefore he would have to be on the move. I believe Lee had no intentions of attacking Washington. I am sure he knew it was heavily defended and would be a suicide mission. I think that is why on the 3rd day Picketts charge was a do or die situation. He had the Union army in front of him and thats what he came there for in the first place. He drew them north and out of war ravenged Virgina. If Picketts charge was a success. Lee would have had the Victory he was seeking in the first place and I believe he would have turned north on Harrisburg away from Washington, and threatend the Capital. Harrisburg and Camp Curtin was a big training facility and would have been a nice prize. But his other option was to move on Philidelphia to draw the Union Army to defend Washington. I see no gain there and I believe Harrisburg would have been the better move. He also had the option to move back into Virgina but I dont think he would have done that. He wanted to bring that war north so the people would put the pressure on Washington to end it all...Lee went into Pa with a summer plan and intended to stay there for a couple of months reaking havoc had he had a string of Victories. I dont think Lee should have even fought the third day but instead moved out on Harrisburg, again drawing the union army to him and keeping one step ahead. But hey we are all armchair Generals and its easy to say what they all did right and wrong after the fact..Longstreets idea of moving around the Union army and find good defensive ground would have accomplished nothing either. Again all the Union has to do is starve them out. There is no fight unless someone attacks and if your on your own turf there is no reason to attack a defending army but simply wait them out...



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