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 Posted: Sun May 31st, 2009 05:17 am
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Twice during the several day's battle Confederate forces withdrew from taking the high ground, a possession that would have been commanding of the field. Both times the forces withdrawn from turned out to be Confederate units, Early's and E. Johnsons, who were moving to shore up the flanks.
Johnny Yuma mentions that Lee might have effectively withdrawn from the field at Gettysburg after the second day, with a move to position the enemy. Lee used withdrawl twice before Gettysburg with good result. That he did not do so at Gettysburg may be do to the fact that the world was watching.
Reenforcement between theatres in large scale was not an option for the Confederacy. Halleck and Grant wished for such a move and would have used it to advantage. Johnston and Lee could not support each other.
One quote from Lee, long after the fact while in Lexington, as recorded by Rev. J. William Jones.

"If I had Stonewall Jackson at Gettysburg, I would have won that fight, and a complete victory that would have given us Washington and Baltimore, if not Philadelphia, and would have established the independence of the Confederacy."

Yeah, sure, Robert. But the above does voice what was on the mans mind, probably before the Army of Northern Virginia ever crossed the border northward.

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