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 Posted: Tue Jun 2nd, 2009 01:22 am
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Brett, I agree with what you've written regarding Trudeau's Southern Storm.  You commented about the division of Sherman's troops as they marched -- left and right wings -- and each wing also split.  Not only was this to provide room for men and wagons, but also to provide food.  The more men along one route, the farther they would have to forage to get enough.  Although Sherman said that he didn't have many mounted foragers, commanders on the Right Wing suggest otherwise.  This was likely because the territory through which the Right Wing marched was less agriculturally productive and the foragers had to range over greater distances.  Moreover, Sherman marched with the Left Wing, so most accounts, including Trudeau's, rely heavily on the experience of that wing and say very little about the experiences of the Right Wing.  Finally, the major task in connection with taking Savannah was the capture of Ft. McAllister.  Though Hazen's troops made this look easy, there is ample evidence that it was not easy, but it , containing supplies,was essential to establishing the connection to the Union ships off-shore and the connection to the rest of the world!

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