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 Posted: Tue Jun 2nd, 2009 01:52 am
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I enjoyed the book and the maps, although I also used a road atlas to find the places mentioned in modern day Georgia in case the day ever comes that I can trace the march.

I enjoyed the descriptions of Kilpatrick's and Wheeler's cavalry actions. Wheeler is often criticized, but he certainly had a full plate trying to slow Sherman's progress across the state and also figure out where Sherman was really headed.

A battle I have found particularly sad and interesting is the Battle of Griswoldville. Trudeau goes into much detail on this battle. I also like the way he handled the atrocity at Ebenezer Creek with Jefferson Davis's brigade. I was not aware that almost a dress rehearsal to this event had occurred earlier in Sherman's march.

The skirmishes and maneuvers just outside Savannah were also interesting to me.

I like Trudeau as a writer and particularly liked this book. I do agree that some parts dragged a little, but soon another thing would happen and I would spark up again.

"Southern Storm" is a Civil War book that I will read again. In fact, I had just recently dug it out again to trace the trail of the Ninth Pennsylvania Cavalry during this march.

As an aside, BSchulte, I happened across one of your reviews at the other day. I can't recall which one it was. Was it "Vicksburg 1863" by Winston Groom? I'm glad you write reviews for Amazon because I do read them when I am considering buying a Civil War...or ANY book for that reason.


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