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 Posted: Tue Jun 2nd, 2009 12:35 pm
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Reading like Ole does, many at a time.  Reading the Assassin's Accomplice for Drum Book discussion.  Can't get into it. 

Reading Hafendorfer's Perryville. Must get that finished in next week or two.

Have also started and almost finished South Carolina's Civil War and Klein's Days of Defiance.   on

Also have started a book on the California Column in Arizona during the Civil War.

Just picked up a book yesterday on Andrew Jackson   American Lion which I think I will bring with me on the plane to Kentucky.  Like to take longer books with me on a trip . I once finished all my reading material an hour out of Los Angeles on a plane.  I was beside myself with nothing to read for that hour .  I now always have a back up book that has not been started when I get on a plane. One and a spare . The California Column book and the Jackson book will be my plane books.

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