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 Posted: Wed Jun 3rd, 2009 12:54 am
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Yes, that's true.  Apparently the elected supervisors do feel that way.  How many people pay much attention to who is running in those elections?  Most people don't have any idea about people who run for those positions.  I know I'm guilty of that too.  I can't tell who holds that kind of position in my area.   Let's face it, people don't pay much attention to elections like that.  Then again, I don't think too many people paid much attention this past November either, but I digress.

Another thing that worries me is this, how long will it be before they try to widen route 3 through the Chancellorsville Battlefield or build a by-pass.  If this Walmart is built, we're going to have to fight that Chancellorsville preservation battle all over again.  I haven't really seen anyone mention that.  There hasn't been much mention of this increasing the traffic through there. If there is enough traffic for them to want to widen route 3 or build a by-pass now, what will they say if there is a Walmart and a shopping center built a couple miles down the road? 

I'm still amazed how people can nag and brag about being "green" and then turn right around and have no problem with another shopping center being built on unspoiled land.  I guess the real green they want is $$.

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