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 Posted: Wed Jun 3rd, 2009 08:12 pm
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I thought it might be fun to see who here is on Twitter.  My username there is @bschulte.  Feel free to follow me and list your own Twitter username here so I can follow back.

A lot of people seem to think Twitter is just for telling people what you're doing at the moment.  I and many other people don't use it like that.  Instead, I follow the terms "civil war", "civil war books", "gettysburg", and "antietam" using TweetDeck, I "tweet" TOCWOC blog posts automatically as they come out on the blog, and I retweet the posts of other Civil War blogs and those people on Twitter who have something interesting to say about the Civil War.The end result is that I've "met" online quite a few people who are interested in the Civil War who I might never have met otherwise.

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