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 Posted: Thu Jun 4th, 2009 04:06 am
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TimK wrote: I have a feeling that at one time you guys were pretty sure you would have no reason to ever own a computer - and now look at you.

I don't go for all the fad stuff either, but I make sure my wife and kids have a cell phone every time they leave the house. The kids know the phones are off limits during school hours. I want to make sure they can always reach me if they need to.

I don't know about Ole, but I go back to the days BEFORE rotary dial phones...

pick up the receiver and theoperator would come on the line and say "number please".... give her the number you wanted and she would hook up the wires and the phone would ring... our number was 2987...and it was a party line... 4 people on it.. you could pick up the phone and listen in.. of course if mother caught us, we got a switchin... and that was with a boxwood switch, not an electrical connection!


I have cell phone I carry with me everywhere I go... in fact I use it almost exclusively because I have a device called an induction neck loop that works with it.. I wear a wire around my neck and when I get a call, it changes the sound to a magnetic impusle that my hearing aids can pick up and convert back to sound.. I use both ears on the phone...and no one else can hear what I am hearing... absolute magic!


Oh, and I sold computers when a big one had dual floppy drives and a small one had one... and a hard drive was a gleam in someone's eye...

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