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 Posted: Thu Jun 4th, 2009 06:09 pm
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Not all grumpy old men.  I will add my two cents here.  I have a cell phone, laptop and now have added a gps for my car.  I also have a iPod.  But that is as far as I go right now.  I am on Facebook but have no use to Twitter . 

I am with Ole .  I don't understand people that wander around the store with the cell phone attached to their ears. Worse than that is the bluetooth .  Now my friend who is in business and has clients contacting him all day needs one .  He also has the hearing aids connected by a wire around his neck like Bama has.  He says it puts a voice in the middle of his head.  clearest he has heard in years .  That I understand but why do teenagers need a blue tooth ?  Why are all those people talking to themselves as they are walking around ?  Oh wait they are not , they are talking to someone else. 

In Columbia South Carolina a couple of years ago I was going to a store near USC.  Classes had just gotten out.  I could not believe all the young people walking along with a cell phone in one ear and an ipod in the other .  They were all walking with others but it seems talking to someone at a distance is more important than the people right next to you.

Around here in Southern California I see young mothers pushing strollers with their child in them and a cell phone glued to their ear.  First of all can they be paying attention to the streets they are crossing with the cell in their ear?  Then isn't this a good time to be talking to their child putting language in so the child can learn?  Or is this a thing of the past and next we will see children with blue tooths calling their parents. 

Last rant , I was in the bank the other day waiting in a long line.  There were two preteens sitting in waiting chairs with cell phones.  Both phones beeped constantly.  I finally realized they were texting each other from two feet away .  Their father was in line in front of me.  I found this out when I made some comment about can't they just talk to each other .  He made some comment about his phone bill.  WHO IS IN CHARGE?

Okay add me to the grumpy old ladies .

Susan a ludite in some things.

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