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 Posted: Fri Jun 5th, 2009 10:22 pm
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I have not read that Groom book.  I have read Robert Remini 's  book on Jackson and enjoyed it and years ago in college our text for the Age of Jackson was a book by Wellman about the Age of Jackson.  I don't always agree with what Jackson did but the man amazes me at what all he did. I also love the Hermitage.  My mother went there in the 1930's .  She would talk about it all the time as I was growing up.  She had a small match holder that was shaped like a goblet that was carved out of the cedar at the Hermitage.  I use to look at it alot on our mantle and wonder about the place.  When I started traveling cross country it was one of the places I went.  The gentleman in the gift shop told me those were carved by an old man who had been a slave on the plantation from the actual trees there.  He said they are valuable collectors items.  I have it still but would never get rid of it , it was my mother's prize treasure . 

I am not giving up on the book.  Another friend said he really liked the book .  Just not taking it to Kentucky with me.  Decided to take my book on the California Column in Arizona to read. 


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