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 Posted: Mon Sep 11th, 2006 07:23 pm
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I was born in 1955 and brought up in Richmond, Va. It was ingrained in the essence of my chidlhood the legacy of the War of Northern Aggression. throughout school much was made of reading the biographies of  Virginia gentlemen throughout the assent of US History. I even remember getting a Civil War army set as a 8 year old. It was customary to always have the South win. Blue was not a favorite color at that time. I have toured every major battlefield in Virginia and have been to the tomb of Lee at Washington and Lee and the grave of jackson. I have first hand seen segregation up close and personal and the advant of forced busing and the havoc upon students in 1969 and 1970. I have seen many traditions expunged. I have attended the last Tobbacco Bowel Parade where VMI entered the stadium playing Dixie, everyone stood up and placed their hand over there heart.
So a it is no wonder I ended up majoring in History and getting my masters on the Civil War. Presently, I live in Elizabeth city  North carolina where I am researching and writing a book on the little known battle of the war called the battle of South Mills which involved an assault on the Locks of the dismal Swamp canal by the Zouaves and other unuts under Rush hawkins. One of the first Congressional medals of Honor was earned in this battle. I have been a member of the Richmond Civil war Roundtable since 1979. I have direct ancestral ties to the SCV through general Tilghman of the Army of the Tennessee. My family ie wifes has direct ties through Medlin/Hatley family members serving in the NC regiments and navy. So I could not avoid the Civil War no matter how hard i tried.

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