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It was General Cleburne that first suggested and then pushed an effort  to
have black units recruited with the stipulation the serving black members would be emancipated if the CSA won the war. It took a full year for the administration to realize the potential pool of manpower. The first active units were recruited and started drilling in Richmond in March 1865. Unfortunately, by that time it was too late, supplies were almost non-existant.
Longstreet made few public comments concerning his politics except he was a ststes rights man and felt he should follow his state wherever it went and did. such things were political decisions. Bedford Forrest and hampton were  Pro-slavery Generals. General Edward Porter Alexander owned slaves but they were free to come and go and they did go before the end of the war.

Attached, is a book reference that has data on the vary subject you seek as General Alexander had conversations with individuals from both theaters

"fighting For the Confederacy:" the Personal Recollections of General Porter Alexander " by Gary Gallaher  UNC Press  ISBN 0-8078-1848-8

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