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A few people influenced the way the military acted when formed for battle during the Civil War period. The Napoleonic Wars and the Crimean War were precedent to what happened on American soil during the four years of conflict. These actions prior influenced the tactics and technology used.

At the start of the Civil War Zoaves and their colorful, easily decerned uniforms were all the rage. By the end of it all most were garbed in either Butternut Brown, Field Gray and Field Blue. Colors to blend in with the scenery.

The shovel took on an importance unknown to it when the conflict began. Being below the line of fire in a trench was recognized as a good idea as some of the sieges around urban centers began to develop.

You request an authoritative source of information regarding the tactics used in this conflict we consider here. My suggestion is to use The Official Records of the War of the Rebellion while considering the course syllabus of the Military Institutions of the time. The Official Records are available online from Cornell's Making of America site. Perhaps you are graced with a library containing a set of these volumes in their catalog. Johann mentions the manuals he'd linked to. Some of these texts were as much military training as some of those citizen-soldiers received, the balance coming from on the job training.

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